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Summit Dental Health is proud to offer high quality dental care to the communities we serve. At Summit Dental Health, we work to build long lasting relationships with our patients, so a trip to the dentist feels more like a visit among friends. We take great pride in our team and the opportunity to provide our patients with happy, healthy smiles.

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Summit Dental Health:
Serving Omaha, Sioux City, and South Sioux City

Summit Dental Health was born from the hard work of many dental professionals, all asking themselves, “How can we provide an outstanding experience for our patients, while delivering great patient care?” The answer came in forming a partnership with one another. You may know us by our former names, Dundee Dental, Indian Hills Dental, Old Market Dental, Rainbow Dental, Siouxland Dental Heath and Towne Dental. While our names have changed, you will still see familiar faces at your visits.

By partnering together, we have been able to expand our network of professionals, add more hours and locations to better serve our patients. We offer convenient plans and accept most insurance policies. For more information about making Summit Dental Health your dental home, call today!

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