Heather always does a very thorough job. She and Dr. Gennatos are pleasant and informative.

David D., Sioux City

 As a new patient (moved from out of state) I was terribly impressed with the professional behavior of everyone and especially with the up-to-equipment used. I thought I’d received good care previously, but you raised care to a new level. Very impressed and pleased.

—Verlin H., Sioux City

Family. Friendly. Dental.

Dr. Zach Dannenbring is very personable and does a really terrific job. Recently, I lost most of a molar tooth and even though there is not a lot of tooth remaining it was successfully repaired.

—Doug D., South Sioux

I love this place. The staff are nice and I don’t feel pressured for any procedures. I have always dreaded going to the dentist – but my anxiety is much better since I have started coming to you!!! THANK YOU!

—Sherri J., Sioux City

I believe everyone I meet was amazing. 

—Era W., South Sioux City

Wonderful service! I am so glad that I have you as a new dentist/office. The atmosphere is wonderful and staff is kind and knowledgeable. Although I do not live in South Sioux, it is well worth the drive!

—Tierra H., South Sioux City

Greeted on arrival. I was a walkin at the last hour and I was seen within a very reasonable time. Nice being with professionals. I am a travel RN and know professionals when I see them.

—Lawrence L., South Sioux City

Shelby the dental hygienist was excellent

—Alida A., South Sioux City

The staff was very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. I felt that I was in very good hands throughout both of my visits.

—Beth L.

My dental hygienist was excellent, answers all my questions patiently, & work hard on my difficult procedure. Love the team there.

—Jason P., Center

I had a dentist that I went to for over 20 yrs. I was having severe pain and “they” couldn’t get me in. I called Summit Dental and they scheduled me the same day I called; forseeing I was in pain. The meds that were prescribed was not helping the pain 2 days later so I called the office again and they had me come in and prescribed me different meds; which helped 110%. I am glad I went to Summit Dental and will recommend it to everyone.

—Karen J., Center

I visited to get an opinion on what the best option would be to replace two missing teeth. The dentist explained why the option that I was leaning towards was probably not the best for me – although it cost more than what I ended up having done. Thank you for being honest and looking out for my best interests.

—Stephen M., Center

Susie is always wonderful to see at the front desk! Dr. Davis is the highlight of any visit (I tell everyone I meet that he is such a fun and great dentist). Everyone that works here is great!

 —Tina T., Center

Dr. Sommer is very kind and patient with cowards like me. All staff members are quite pleasant. I would request, however, an armless chair or a bench seat in waiting area for larger patients. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone.

—Jacqueline Q., Brentwood

Everyone was really great, made me feel comfortable and welcomed!!

—Lanishaia K., Brentwood

All staff were very friendly & professional. I have already referred by daughter & grandchildren.

—Shirley C., Brentwood

I am an anxious person to go to dentist, your team made me feel relaxed and confident in your care. Thank you and I will see you in June!

—Julie O., Q Street

The staff are always friendly and professional. They take the time to explain the procedures to you. Very easy to get appointments and I’ve never had to wait past my scheduled time. Highly recommended.

—Charles C., Q Street

Kelsey is very professional and personable. Dr. Ritchie is great, have used him for about 8-9 years.

—Andrew A., Oakview

I really liked Beth and how she talked to me about my improvements from my last visit. She is very fast and consistent and she shows how she cares too.

— Rachel C., Oakview

Kristen Lorenzen is my dental hygienist and always so cheerful and does such a great job on my teeth. Dr. Ritchie is always so pleasant and knowledgable.

— Vicki R., Oakview

Loved the doctor and assistant I had during my visit! Both were friendly and efficient. Two things I highly appreciate during a dental appointment.

—Brittany N., Oakview

Dentist assistant Maria was very informative in my finance choices and payments. As well as explaining how to take care of my teeth properly and explaining to me what they were doing to me and what its for and what it does etc. I don’t recall my dentists name, her last name started with a W and she was very sweet and made sure I was comfortable and warned me of pain and nasty bitter tastes. Both ladies did a great job on my teeth, were caring and informative. One of the best visits I’ve had and will remember.

—Jennifer C., E. Street

Best dental cleaning ever. Staff was exceptionally friendly, the doctor knowledgeable. My hygienist did an excellent job.

—Emily B., Oakview

Everyone in the office is fantastic!!!

—Melissa V., Oakview

Very friendly and relieved the stress of a dental visit!!

—Pamela D., Oakview

Everyone was absolutely wonderful and went above and beyond to make my first time a pleasure and to make a return customer. Already set up another apt for cleaning.

—Julie J., Dundee

My hygienist was amazing – so friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. She was extremely helpful in finding a solution for my issues and concerns. Dr. Mike was also very friendly and courteous. I have always had a great experience at Summit Dental.

—Austin S., Dundee

Hygienist was great name started with a t I think….and dr kanning great as always.

—Josh G., Dundee

Dr. Mike did a great job. There was no pain afterwards and no pain during the procedure.

—Rodney K., Dundee

The Dr and the hygienist are both so friendly and make me feel totally comfortable.

—Clayton S., Old Market

We’ve loved the Old Market staff for a very long time, they’re awesome in every way. We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, no way! Thanks to them and tell them so!!!! xoxoxox

—Raneta L., Old Market

I never have to wait at the office for my appointment. Everyone is very friendly and attentive. I love visiting this office and telling my work colleagues about the amazing dentist office that I use.

—Steve W., Old Market

First time at this dental office…outstanding service! I look forward to my next appointment.

—Telly W., Indian Hills

Absolutely love the dentist. Cant wait to come back. Feel so comfortable and able to be open and honest.

— Janie E., Towne

My wife and I are extremely pleased. Kathy is always very prompt and friendly in arranging our appointments. Betty is always caring and thorough in our cleanings.

—Stan M., Towne

Great people working at Summit in Bellevue. Cathy is especially personable and helpful, but everyone is great to work with. Thanks.

—Rebecca K., Towne

Amazing people! Felt more than comfortable (Dentist phobia).

—Kady P., Towne

Everything is great. Everyone there is very polite and they are also great with my 3 little ones. They all had a great first visit to the dentist.

—Michael Sr. V., Blondo

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