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I am a caregiver and the client that I am responsible for has two cavities 🦷 that needed tending to ASAP! I called around to several dental offices that was given to me as referrals . And of course, they’re either not taking new clients at this time, or they don’t take the type of insurance that my client has, nor taking clients until 19 September. However, when I spoke with Summit dental on S. 24th St. in South Omaha, they were very pleasant and welcoming and also excepting new clients with that type of insurance that the client has!
The client has certain needs, and from the time that I checked in with the receptionist, to the dental hygienist , to the doctors, they were all very patient with the client as well as, very professional, and exceptionally flexible with dealing with the client. Even, when the client wasn’t able to maintain full cooperation continually! This caregiver was very grateful and thankful to the doctor dental hygienist, and the receptionist for their exceptional kindness and their endurance!

Thank you Summit dental on S. 24th St. you are totally brilliant!
Thankful Caregiver!

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