Summit Dental Health Sioux City – Anthony Aronov

I’ll be honest, the first time I came in I was attended to by Dr. Michael for a diagnosis and I was heavily put off by him. I thought he didn’t care, had a terrible bedside manner, and was cocky.

I needed a root canal because I was experience extreme tooth pain and he was the only doctor available, and needless to say I was less than ecstatic.

When I came in and saw Dr. Michael again he answered all of my questions patiently, ensured I was comfortable, experienced the least amount of pain possible, and guided me through the whole procedure by telling me everything he was doing. He told me what I’d feel, smell, and experience at every step of the way. Dr. Michael did a 90 minute procedure in 20 minutes, he did it correctly, and made sure I was pain free from my initial complaint.

I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Michael’s performance and highly recommend him.

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