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    Best of Omaha 2017

    It’s that time again to vote for Summit Dental Health the “Best Family Dentist Office” in Best of Omaha 2017. Casting your ballot is super easy. If you would like to vote only for Summit Dental Health as “Best Family Dentist Office” and “Best Cosmetic Dentist,” just follow the directions below and you’ll be finished casting your ballet in less than five minutes! Voting ends August 31st.

    Vote for Summit Dental Health as Best Family Dentist Office in Omaha


    QVC Category: Family Dentist Office
    QVC Number: 49054
    QVC Link:


    For those of you who’d like to fill out a complete ballot, we encourage you to vote for these other local businesses who are friends of Summit Dental Health. Feel free to follow the links to their websites and Facebook Pages to learn more about them.


    Coffeehouse: Dundee Double Shot
    Outdoor Patio: Goldbergs in Dundee


    Children’s Attraction: Omaha’s Children’s Museum
    Dentist Office: Summit Dental Health

    Health & Beauty

    Barre Fitness Facility: The Barre Code
    Charity Walk/Fun Run: UNO Claussen-Leahy Maverick Run/Walk
    Cosmetic Dentist: Summit Dental Health
    Yoga Studio: One Tree Yoga


    Neighborhood Bar: Goldbergs in Dundee


    Gift Shop: Spruce
    Pharmacy: Kohlls


    Employer – More Than 100 Employees: Summit Dental Health


    Brake Service: Buchanan’s Service Center
    Car Tire Service: Buchanan’s Service Center
    Oil Change: Buchanan’s Service Center